Monday, July 30, 2007

I've taken my first bribe.

OK, I eagerly solicited it. Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine offered a free copy to people who would blog about it.

When I was a kid there were a lot of these little science fiction magazines at the newsstand and candy store on the corner. I'd check there each month for the latest by Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clarke, Robert Heinlein and other authors whose names I forget but whose stories I still remember.

I had no idea any of these magazines still existed. The August issue of F&SF contains no Asimov, Clarke or Heinlein. But there is the story "Envoy Extraordinary" by Albert E. Cowdrey that reminds me of Robert Sheckley. And "If We Can Save Just One Child" by Robert Reed reminds me of no one I've read before, but it's the best SF short I've read in a long time.

Now if I could just find a corner newsstand and candy store.

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